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Sheldon Lee

Sheldon Lee is a Bachelor of Art student at La Sierra University; he has the privilege of studying under Dr. Elvin Rodriguez. He enjoys volunteering his music ministry to Seventh Day Adventist churches around the Loma Linda area. He is also a frequent pianist for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network. Sheldon has been blessed to be a part of the music team for ASI and GYC ministries. These ministries consist of yearly attendees of over 10,000 members worldwide. Partnering with ASI and GYC ministries, Sheldon has volunteered music services throughout the United States. He plans to continue to use his musical talents for God. Besides serving God with his music, he also enjoys competing in piano competitions. Recently, he competed in the Specht-Guy Competition, in which he received the grand prize. He had the honor of studying under Dr. Majorie Ziprick, Nina Ho Shakespear, and Dr. Angelica Prodan. In the coming years, Sheldon will continue to pursue higher education in medicine. Besides piano, Sheldon loves to spend time with family and friends.

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