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Individual instruction with our faculty is available in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments in all categories below. Please visit our faculty webpage to view their biographies.


During the academic year (fall, winter, and spring) lessons are offered on a weekly basis. During our summer term, scheduling is flexible allowing for vacation time and other needs. We offer a recital every quarter to showcase our students accomplishments. 


As is common with private music study, curriculum is often 'tailor fit' to the needs of the student.  It is of primary importance that the student's needs are met.  Thus, instructors are encouraged to be flexible with repertoire, technical studies, and the incorporation of the study of music theory / ear training in their lesson plans, as is appropriate to the student's developmental stage and interests.

Private Lesson Tuition Rates & Fees


One Time Registration Fee

  • $35 single student

  • $45 two students

  • $55 three or more students


Master / Degreed and Undergraduate

  • 30-minute weekly lessons: $35/$30

  • 45-minute weekly lessons: $55/$45

  • 60-minute weekly lessons: $70/$60

Free 30 min Trial Lesson*

*One time offer only

 Please email us for more information at



Everyone can sing, so why take lessons? A vocal teacher can help you improve your voice/singing through proper breathing, posture, tone production, intonation, diction, phrasing, and ear training. Our teachers will help you gain confidence and consistency in your singing, allowing you to sing in a way that is comfortable and uniquely you. Whether you want to sing for enjoyment, school plays, all county chorus or auditions, our teachers will help you reach your full potential.




Our guitar lessons offer a full range of kid-friendly lessons for all ages and abilities. Our university trained teachers will help you learn guitar in a style that caters to your musical interest and unleashes your creativity. Whether you are a novice or expert, we have a lesson suited to you. Since all our lessons are one on one with a teacher, each student gets maximum attention, which paves the road for maximum growth. Our teachers want you to learn guitar what you feel passionate about, so be sure to tell them what style of music you enjoy.

AVPA 2022-43.jpg


We offer lessons in a variety of string instruments such as violin, cello, and bass. All of our teachers are involved in the university's orchestra, as well as dedicating time to small chamber groups. They have had the privilege of performing in venues such as the Fox Performing Arts Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, among other prestigious halls. Whether your are a beginner or an experienced musician, we have something for you.  



Have you always wanted to play drums? It is never too late to start learning an instrument. We cover everything from classical percussion to the kit, where you can learn all styles- rock, funk, rhythm & blues, jazz, etc. Our teachers base the curriculum on where the student wants to go. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there is something for everyone. Our faculty have extensive experience in the music industry and are ready to share their knowledge.

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Our piano/keyboard lessons offer a full range of kid friendly lessons for all ages and abilities. Our university-trained teachers will help you learn piano/keyboard in a style that caters to your musical interest and unleashes your creativity. Whether you are a novice or expert, we have lessons suited to you. Since all of our lessons are one-on-one with a skilled teacher, progress is catered to each student, allowing for maximum attention and progress. Our teachers want you to learn piano songs that you feel passionate about, so be sure to tell them what style of music you enjoy!

AVPA 2022-49.jpg


From the majestic fanfares within a wind ensemble setting, to the syncopated, upbeat pops of jazz and big band, the trumpet, trombone, and euphonium allow you to experience the wide variety and range of music to give you the versatility you want in music. Whether you have no experience in instrumentation or have a street jazz combo of your own, we offer you the know-how to allow you to grow and expand musically and skillfully with the proper training to do so. Come down and have fun!



The saxophone, flute, oboe, and clarinet are popular instruments of choice for students in school programs. All of our lessons teach proper technique, including development of breath support, correct embouchure and posture, as well as finger placement. All students will have the opportunity to perform in our recitals either as a soloist or within a group. We are ready to prepare you for your future ensembles and musical career. 


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