Ricardo Reyna

Ricardo Reyna is a music performer and educator. He is known by his mentors to be attentive to detail and thorough in his efforts to improve the quality of his work and his performances. He is co-director of the Adorarte Music Festival in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The festival looks to expose the youth to high-quality music and inspired new composers and new musicians in the Adventist community. He has worked as a producer of concerts and projects with international singers such as Ana Laura Chavez and Rodolfo Vasquez in collaboration with 3 Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), an International Broadcast Television Network. 

Reyna has a passion for music education and the arts. He serves as a Teacher Assistant for the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra at La Sierra University, where he also teaches private lessons to members of the community through the Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA).