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Ah-Hyun Lim (Julie)

Originally from Korea, Ah-Hyun Lim (Julie) is an international pianist with a background in Music Education. She decided to embark on her educational path at La Sierra University to delve into Pre-Health because she has a genuine interest in the healthcare sector. She hopes that she can make the most of her new beginning at La Sierra University and is enthusiastic about contributing her skills through teaching piano at AVPA.


Ah-Hyun Lim holds a Music Education degree from SahmYook University , Seoul.




Awards and Concerts


-Award-winning performance of Haydn's Sonata No. 23, 3rd movement in 2018.

-Award-winning performance of Rhapsodie Espagnole S.254 in 2020.

-Award-winning performance of Debussy “Ímages’ Reflets dans l'eau”and “Hommage à

Rameau” in 2021.

-Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 with Electron in 2021

-Alexander Scriabin's Piano Sonata No. 2 in G-sharp Minor, Op. 19 in 2022

- 22nd Annual National Yae Jean Piano Contest, 1st Place Winner

- Accompanist for Beautiful Souls (Music Choir performance, 2019 Narita City tour in Japan and Music Choral Volunteering, 2021 in Cambodia), Gracia Choral Group and SDA Elder Men’s Choir ( The 2nd Regular Concert in 2023)


- Four-Year Practical Excellence Scholar at SahmYook University

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